Our Team

We are a national, experienced and results-oriented team, working in close collaboration to deliver best in-class solutions that delight our customers.

Whatever their role or their geographic location, our 3,000 employees form our company’s most valuable asset. Day in and day out, they apply their talent, passion and expertise, contributing actively to making Telecon stand out across the country with the great quality of their work.

In a constantly changing industry, they form the cornerstone of our success and are our greatest competitive advantage in maintaining our national leadership position in telecommunications network infrastructure.

Executive Team

André Héroux

President and Chief Executive Officer

Josée Dubuc

Chief Talent and Communications Officer

Peter Filato

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Paupe

Senior Vice-President, Strategy and business development

Robert Pothier

Senior Vice-President, Design

Daniel Robillard

Senior Vice-President, Connectivity and Telecon Enterprise

Jean-Philippe Lefebvre

Senior Vice-President, Turnkey Integrated Services

Ted Harrison

Senior Vice-President, Cable Turnkey Solutions and Design USA

Board Members

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